Before The Sound

One of my last projects was the sound design and installation of the art exhibit “Before The Sound” by Vincent Zambrano. The exhibition is being shown this september at Reverol & Co. Contemporary Art Gallery (New Rochelle – New York). Curated by Veronica Santi, “Before the Sound” is an interactive sound installation composed by four multi-channel speakers, a projector, photographs, drawings and a bed as a center piece, where the spectator can sit or lay down.

“While seemingly ordinary sounds, these life-sustaining breaths interact with our environment, while perfectly capturing the fragility of the human condition. Our four orchestrated breathing sounds will enable you to experience the intimacy of our tenuous bond together, and will transport you into my own personal space and struggle as a foster parent.” says the author Vincent Zambrano

As the Arte Fuse puts it, “The sound of nocturnal snoring and breathing is a rhythmic Svengali lullaby that is comforting and mimics the sound of the beach shore waters.”

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