Ramon Pujol

I am a music producer with a passion for creating original and artistic sounds in a variety of genres. With years of experience in the industry, I have honed my skills to create top-quality tracks for artists of all levels. I usually develop my activity at Casafont Recording Studio.

GIFA Winner - Best Sound


  • Cançons de fi de segle - Joan-Pau
  • Berta Sala - Hertogstraat
  • Seduciendo a los bares - Tu Remedio
  • Cançó de teball - Carles Delgado - Magalí Sare
  • Taknata - Cleda
  • Drunk Funk - Kronikal
  • Bona Nit - Joan Pauj
  • Al·lots! - Donallop

Featured Clients

Casafont Recording Studio

The studio where I develop my work. A residential recording studio with a high quality infrastructure devoted to music production. It is located in an exceptional natural environment in the heart of the Ora Valley.