The magic of Cloud computing: Casafont & New York

These days I am editing the new album of a successful Catalan band, La Terrasseta de Preixens, Rapinyaires. Music editing refers to the process of adjusting the recordings made by each player. It’s a hard and time-consuming yet crucial work.

In this project we have adopted a new workflow method. The album is being recorded in Casafont, in the Barcelona area, 4,000 miles away from the US, and I am concurrently doing the music editing in my other studio in New York. This means:

– The editing audio engineer doesn’t need to be present in the recording studio to accelerate the process. In fact, we can have more than one anywhere in the world.
– Musicians can record using the edited materials.
– Production time is reduced and overall process improved.

At the end of each session in the recording studio, they upload the Pro Tools sessions to our cloud folder and a few hours later the files are ready to be edited in New York (sometimes it’s less than hour because the file upload system reutilizes old files). Once the editing process is finished, the files are sent back to the recording studio so that they can go on with their sessions.

Overall, we are very happy with this new system.

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