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Rise of the Freedom Tower – Sizzle

I have the pleasure to present the first sneak peak of one of the projects in which I have been working for the past months, the sizzle of Rise of the Freedom Tower, directed by Kenny Simmons (Cool Hand Luke Productions). I am responsible for the production sound and the re-recording mixing.

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The magic of Cloud computing: Casafont & New York

These days I am editing the new album of a successful Catalan band, La Terrasseta de Preixens, Rapinyaires. Music editing refers to the process of adjusting the recordings made by each player. It's a hard and time-consuming yet crucial work. In this project we have adopted a new workflow method. The album is being recorded in Casafont, in the Barcelona area, 4,000 miles away from the US, and I am concurrently doing the music editing in my other studio in [...]

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