Pro Tools Tips

These last days I have been editing a lot. Sometimes it’s a little boring, but it’s also a good moment to think about the tools that I use. One of my little hobbies when I edit (also in general) is to find new tips and shortcuts to improve my workflow. Here are some of them:

Duplicate a playlist shortcut. ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Cmd’ + ‘/’ . You must pay attention to your keyboard language.
Show or Hide Clip Gain Line: ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Cmd’ + ‘-‘. If you add the ‘Option’ it will be applied to all the tracks.
– One of my favourites: Increase or decrease the clip line of a selection. ‘Shift’ + ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Mouse wheel’ with a selected region.
– This is a classic one…. Change track view to its volume view. ‘Ctrl’+’Cmd’ and touch the ICON Console Fader. As usual, you can use ‘Option’ to change all the track views of the session. You can also touch a Rotary Encoder to change the view to its funcion.

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