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November News

This November has been a very busy month. Here are the most significant things I've done: At the beginning of the month, I finished the sound postproduction of the documentary "Emboscats", by E2S Production. It was a remarkable experience and a pleasure to work with such creative people. The documentary will be broadcast by the Catalan TV channel TV3, another honor! I have followed the EBU R128 directive, leaving the final sound pressure level of -23LUFS.

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New York, New York

At the beginning of 2012 I will move to New York city. I am very excited about this new adventure! I am also looking for new professional experiences in this great city. Start spreading the news I'm leaving today. I want to be a part of it, New York, New York! (Photo: Wikipedia by Daniel Scwen )

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September Update: recordings and more recordings!

As usual, this summer I haven't had any holidays :=). Musicians love recording, and sound enginneers not having holidays ;=). Here are the highlights of the month: In July I recorded and mixed "Connexions", a single by Gest. We really worked a lot, and we got a sound with a lot of character. (Thanks Toni and Oscar, for your collaboration and patience.) In August, I recorded the second album by Koloraines. They really have a great musical talent, and they [...]

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May News

I have finished the recording of "Se'm fica al cap", a new ska style album by Antídot. In June, we will be mixing it. I also recorded and mixed a new and special song by Roger Mas for a TV production. It was a pleasure to remember his great "bass voice frequencies". We used a Neumann M149, and we are very happy of their performance. And now... let's go buy a book!

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Article: The Emotional and Psychological Factors

I wrote an article about the emotional factors in recordings that was published in the on-line magazine "Interiorisme sonor". The original text was written in Catalan, but here is the translation into English: Beyond the Music Recording Techniques: The Emotional and Psychological Factors Normally, when we start preparing a new musical production at the studio, we discuss whether it would be more convenient to record live or instrument by instrument, if we will seek a particular sound, whether the arrangements [...]

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A New and Special Project: Poetry with an Original Soundtrack

We have started the recording of "Melodia del somni", a very special project. We are recording an original soundtrack for some poems written by Toni Romero and Clara Tarrida. It's a new concept, we like to think of it as an audio boo. The project is very special because: - we don't have a timeline, - poetry with an original soundtrack... what's this? - it's my first original soundtrack as a composer, oh yeah, at last! Last week, we recorded [...]

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