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Riddled with bullets

The video clip “Riddled with bullets”, a moving story about the children who suffer in conflict regions by Albert González, has been published. I have composed the music and I also sound mixed the audio of this video. Albert Gonzalez is working as a photographer of the UNAMID in Darfur, Sudan, the largest UN peacekeeping mission in the world, González is a very talented artist. The text and voice are by Toni Romero Dedéu and Clara Tarrida, two great poets [...]

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America’s Unsung Heroes

Since beginning of september I am working in a new and large shooting project: America's Unsund Heroes by Cool Hand Luke Productions. As their website says: "This groundbreaking documentary is based on 40 hours of footage captured on 9-11 at Ground Zero. “America’s Unsung Heroes” is told through the lens of a uniquely qualified filmmaker—a man who was courageous enough to arrive at the scene immediately after the first attack. It features the uplifting and heart-wrenching stories of the events [...]

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August @ Casafont Studio

This august I have been working at Casafont Studio, my own studio in Barcelona area. It's nice to be at home again ;=). With Marti Ballús we have been working in a new CD: Sabata's project. I am also desiring to come back at New York on the 1st of September.

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PX This – the series

In July I did the the sound recording of the new PX This - the series in New York, with the award winning filmmaker Arié Ohayon (Wild Pixel Productions) and the producer/writer Abbe Diaz. It was an on location shooting in different restaurants with a great crew and very talented actors, and a very demanding and enriching experience (I will remember you all my life ;=). Here is the first teaser. You can also check out more information at: [...]

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Joe Lambert Mastering: It rocks!

Today I've been to Joe Lambert Mastering Studio, a great mastering studio located in Brooklyn. As their website says: "Grammy-nominated mastering engineer, Joe Lambert, has developed a wonderfully creative audio environment with an artistic and comfortable vibe to ensure we are making the best sounding records possible." And it's true! ;=). Joe is a cool guy, and he works so smoothly. Thanks a lot Joe for your great job. Nice to meet you! Don't forget to visit their website at [...]

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Pro Tools Tips

These last days I have been editing a lot. Sometimes it's a little boring, but it's also a good moment to think about the tools that I use. One of my little hobbies when I edit (also in general) is to find new tips and shortcuts to improve my workflow. Here are some of them: - Duplicate a playlist shortcut. 'Ctrl' + 'Cmd' + '/' . You must pay attention to your keyboard language. - Show or Hide Clip Gain [...]

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Mixing at KMA

Last week I was mixing at KMA Studios. Theses studios are located in the legendary Brill Building overlooking Times Square. I reall had good experience at there. Thanks Roz for all. Don't forget to visit their website at .

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